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Member Registration Agreement:

Before registering as a WindTook member, please read this "WindTook Member Registration Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") carefully to ensure that you fully understand the terms of this agreement.
1. Member information collection
When you register on this website, use the services of this website, and participate in the activities of this website, you agree that this website will collect your personal information and save records. The personal information collected on this website includes but is not limited to: name, gender, birthday, city, email address, delivery address, etc.
2. Use of Member Information
The basic purpose of collecting personal information on this website is to better understand our users so as to provide you with characteristic and personalized services. Personal information will be mainly used for the following purposes:
1) Complete your requirements for specific services or products;
2) Used for statistics of user data of this website (such as the number of users, composition, interests, performance, etc.) so that we can provide users with better services and products;
3) Let you participate in surveys about our products, such as new product evaluations.
3. Member Management
You can at any time by using your registered user name and password on this website, query, supplement or correct the personal information in your account on this website, or request to delete the personal information in your account on this website. Your account on this website can be deleted, but this will result in you not being able to log in to this website and use any services on this website. If you find any illegal use of user accounts or security loopholes, please contact customer service immediately. The loss to the user caused by the third person using the account due to the user's failure to properly keep his account name and password shall be borne by the user.